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Laws & Regulations

The following links provide reference to the various legal authorities under which our programs are administered. 

  Food and Agricultural Code 

  Business and Professions Code 

  California Code of Regulations

  California Legislative Bill Information (Current) 

  Riverside County Ordinances

Ordinances Administered by the Agricultural Commissioner's Office

Ordinance Subject Ord. No. Available Information
  Forms Info Other Agencies**
Ag Burn Permits Rule 444 Y   1,7
Ag Grading Registration 457 Y   4
Ag Manure Application Registration 427 Y   2
Beekeeping(Apiary) 551   Y  
Corn Inspection Program 566   Y  
Cost Recovery-Code Enforcement Actions 725   Y  
Dust Permits(Western County) 484 Y    
Fruit & Vegetable Inspection Program (Palo Verde Valley) 610   Y  
Lettuce Mosaic Virus Certification Program 569   Y  
Right to Farm 625   Y  
Weights & Measures Commercial Device Registration 599 Y    
Weights. & Measures Non-Commercial Device Registration 620   Y  
Weights & Measures Scanner and Packer Registration 832      

**Agency Reference

Number Agency Website
1 Riverside County Fire Dept
2 Riverside County Public Health Dept
3 Riverside County Planning Dept
4 Riverside County Building & Safety Dept
5 Riverside County Sheriff
5 Riverside County Code Enforcement

6 Riverside County Executive Office  
6 Western Riverside Council of Government

6 Coachella Valley Associated Government

8 All Riverside County Ordinances